Saturday, 11 September 2010

Sailing Day - Experience the Wind within her Sails

Log: 27th August 2010 Walton-on-a-Naze, The Twizzel.

My lovely day with Cassie & Uncle Bob our fantastic Captain.......... our tales from the sea. One requires a good friend a yacht, open water and an experienced sea dog oh & good weather if lucky!

It was the first time I had sailed and holding The Wild Maid in my hand was an experience I shall never forget. She was a timber vessel about 20 years old and 20 foot long full of character as is her owner and ship mate Bob.

Steering her from the harbour by motor to the open sea was exciting weaving from boat to boat. When we reached open water we turned her engine off and hoisted her two sails. She soon became familiar with her purpose and she caught the wind for us to feel and it felt fabulous. She pushed and pulled and resisted whilst often rolling and keeling, she was strong and graceful and I loved her.

Bob serenaded us on his accordion whilst Cassie prepared lunch and I held the tiller steady how atmospheric.

The weather was so kind to us, with big blue skies and clouds changing to dark and moody and then back to silver sunshine over the water.

Learning to navigate and plot our starting point was good fun albeit one of our sights turned out to be a moving object, not a wise choice when sailing!

With compass set and sights looking at the horizon we sailed her through the silvery blue water. The Wild Maid was kind to us on our maiden voyage and was not too badly behaved. There was the odd occasion when she wanted to go and that felt sooo good. Your heart raced and adrenaline pumped..... we were off! Yee ha!

If you have never held a boat before, felt the tide push and pull you, mother nature engage you, sails capturing the wind as the wind whips across your face and through your hair whilst salt water gently splashes your face you haven't lived.

Salty lips, clean air in your lungs and sun rays sweeping across the waves is just magnificent.

I love The Wild Maid, I love Bob our Captain and I love my friend Cassie and I love sailing!!!!

What a simply wonderful day was had by all.

The Beginning ........... A Man & A Sock

Log 1 -  14th August 2010 - Bishops Stortford
A Reunion of Good Friends & Ingredients for a Hilarious Evening
with Jane, Cathy & Jacqui 

Regrettably this is not for publication but a story to be shared with a bottle of wine with good friends.....

One requires the following:
  • 1 Sock
  • 1 Farmer of 25 years
  • Sense of Humour or large chuckle buttons
  • 4 Funny Lovely Friends
Sock man you will always make us laugh our socks off!